You, Too, Can Be Darth Vader

Admit it: you've reenacted the Darth Vader-Obi Wan Kanobi light saber fight from "Star Wars" a few dozen hundred times. Truth is, we've all got a little bit of the "Star Wars" kid in us.

The folks at The Stunt People have heard your cries, with full knowledge that you wish you could somehow insert yourself into the classic fight scene. How about this for a compromise: a YouTube video that gives you a first-person, Darth Vader P.O.V. shot? That's right: Luke, we are your father.

The dizzy, super-realistic battle truly gives you a feel for what it would mean to let George Lucas mold you into film's most iconic villain ...with a really good arm. So suit up, bad guy, it's time to fight! Sabers up!