Link Riot: Zooey Davechappelle Will Steal Your Soul

Zooey Davechappelle

• Don't say we didn't warn you, oh soulless one. [BuzzFeed]

• The Ex-Files: "Dark Skies," Terrorism and the End of Alien Abduction Movies. Who needs little green men when you've got real-life horrors? []

• A true villain played by Luke Evans makes "Fast Six" (yeah, we're calling it that, so what?) the most James Bond-y "Fast & Furious" movie yet. [Heavy]

• Hell, let's make character posters for every movie! "A Place Beyond the Pines" gets the comic book movie treatment. [Hypable]

• In case you still haven't had enough of Oscars reaction GIFs, here are 25 of the best all in one place. [Complex]

• "Ghostbusters III" might end up being an animated film. Maybe Bill Murray will agree to at least record voiceover (for a billion dollars). [ScreenCrush]

• Well, we made it. Here's a look back on the best and worst of February's entertainment offerings. [BuzzSugar]

• Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen call it quits. Did we even know they were together? [Hollywire]

• Jennifer Lawrence's dirty sports bra and 8 other gross celebrity items sold at auction. (Anybody got a couple thousand bucks?) [The Week]

• "Bad Lieutenant" director Abel Ferrara puts it all in perspective (as much as he can, anyway). [Death and Taxes]

• 8 things that you'll learn about the human race after working at Disney World. Some of them are good, believe it or not. [The Frisky]