Geek du Jour Seth Grahame-Smith Penning 'Fantastic Four' Script

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It's clobberin' time for Seth Grahame-Smith!

The Hollywood Reporter just broke the scoop that the young author of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" will do a spit polish on Jeremy Slater's script for Fox's new "The Fantastic Four" reboot, to be helmed by "Chronicle" director Josh Trank.

This certainly holds true to Fox's recent attempts to go geek friendly with their Marvel properties, along with hiring on Matthew Vaughn ("X-Men: First Class," "Kick-Ass") as a producer. However, Devin Faraci over at Badass Digest (an admitted friend of Slater's) contends that Grahame-Smith's hiring was meant to be standard, anonymous script doctoring to tweak dialogue and such, and that his overzealous agents planted the story to prove their client wasn't poison.

Grahame-Smith has had a rough go of it in in Hollywood over the past year, what with David O. Russell, Natalie Portman and a virtual musical chairs of talent entering and exiting a film adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," leaving the project dormant and likely irrelevant after the moderate success of "Warm Bodies." The multi-hyphenate also saw his first attempts at screenwriting, "Dark Shadows" and "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" (based on his novel) both crash and burn at the box office within weeks of each other.

With Tim Burton having produced both of those, it's likely the goth auteur may go backsies on letting Grahame-Smith tackle "Beetlejuice 2" as originally planned.

That's not to say the guy doesn't have geek cred up the wazoo and won't do a great job adding pizazz to the rebooted adventures of Reed Richards, Sue and Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm. This won't be the 37-year-old's first rodeo in the Marvel Universe either, as he previously penned the coffee table-friendly "Spider-Man Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual" as well as the one-shot "Marvel Zombies Return: Hulk."