Oscar Nominees with the Wrong Director: So Wrong It's Right

Finding the right director for their movie is one of the biggest and most important challenges studios face. After all, the director shapes every aspect of the film, from the story to the cinematography to the cast. And if you do manage to get the right director, the reward can often be measured in Oscar nominations.

But if you get the wrong director? Well, that can be measured too — in YouTube parodies.

Say hello to Oscar Nominees with the Wrong Director.

The premise behind this viral clip is simple: What if acclaimed films like Ang Lee's "Life of Pi," Kathryn Bigelow's "Zero Dark Thirty" and Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" had instead been directed by, say, Seth MacFarlane, Wes Anderson and Christopher Nolan?

The results, naturally, are both funny and strangely interesting. So did Hollywood get it right? Or would you rather see the "wrong" director get the job once in a while? Check it out and decide for yourself.