Excuse Me, Would You Like a Ghost with Your Haircut?

Cutting hair is not the easiest job in the world and not just because most beauty parlor patrons are pretty picky about their 'do. Hair, after all, can be a mess to work with, getting all in tangles and curls and doing its own thing. It's tough.

Unless, of course, you have the help of the folks behind "The Last Exorcism Part II," in which case they have an easy solution: Get that hair to stand on end before you cut it.

And that's exactly what happened to some patrons at an unnamed salon recently. Thanks to the magic of a two-way mirror, some unsuspecting ladies just trying to get their hair did instead got the scare of a lifetime thanks to a tremendously creepy face flashing out of nowhere.

Of course, if we saw a face like this in our mirror, we'd probably need to hit the salon right away to get all our new grey hairs colored. Check it out and make sure you stay to the end, when this video really justifies the numerous profanity laden screams given up by the beauty parlors patrons.

Who knew that getting your hair done would be the scariest moments of your life?