Argo Hits Home [Alone]

"Argo," the big winner at this year's Oscars, was a gripping, nail-biting caper that left you on the age of your seats, in the tradition of other thrilling capers like "Reservoir Dogs," "Ocean's 11," and "Heist." But when you think of the stuff that made "Argo" so good — the quiet freneticism, the looming danger, and, of course, Ben Affleck's epic 'do — you wouldn't necessarily factor Macauley Culkin into the equation.

With that being said, the internet doesn't forget anything, which is why this pitch-perfect "Argo"-"Home Alone" mashup makes the blood-hungry villains of "Argo" look merely like concerned babysitters, desperate to keep Catherine O'Hara from flying the friendly skies Kevin-less. And it is marvelous.