Link Riot: 19 Oscar Moments You Didn't See

Channing Tatum

• Such as this pic of Channing Tatum and Jack Nicholson being creepy to Jennifer Lawrence (GIF-style). [BuzzFeed]

• Here's the first set pic from "Grudge Match" starring Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro. Is this really a good idea? [The Playlist]

• Marky Mark turned down "Star Trek" because he didn't understand the script. But Thor did! [Vulture]

• Why Canada can't stand "Argo": 5 fast facts. Because there's nothing worse than slow facts. [Heavy]

• 6 actors who have both an Oscar and a Razzie. Now that's a legacy. [Mental Floss]

• Watch every one of Seth MacFarlane's Oscar jokes ruined by the New York Times' David Carr and A.O. Scott. It's for and from The Twitter. [Death and Taxes]

• The best derp faces at the Oscars. You know what we mean. [HyperVocal]

• A guide to recognizing your Oscar-winning coke wizards. [FilmDrunk]

• Read the discarded acceptance speeches of the Oscar losers. []

• It's Spider-Man for real! Genius scientists create a spider sense suit — and mutate into lizards. (Just kidding about that second part.) [ScreenCrush]

• The 50 hottest celebrities who have posed for Playboy. This surely required hours of essential research. [Complex]