New 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Costume: 'My What Big Eyes You Have!'


When Sam Raimi held the reins of the "Spider-Man" franchise he basically kept the webslinger's costume consistent, that black gooey alien Symbiote suit notwithstanding.

Of course, any Batman or Iron Man fan will tell you a character's suit usually changes somewhat from movie to movie depending on the whims of the toy company machine. Hence, reboot director Marc Webb has given ComingSoon the first glimpse of Spidey's new duds from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

We're relieved about the lack of bat nipples, and the main difference seems to be those big ol' saucer-like eyes on Andrew Garfield. This is very similar to Mark Bagley's Ultimate Universe Spider-Man, although that look really kicked-off with Erik Larsen following up on Todd McFarlane's heels in the early '90s. Comic book geekery forever!

Webb also states that there are various color and texture changes on the suit, but no one could argue that it's Spider-Man doing whatever a spider does.

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