Are You Ready For 'Movie: The Movie 2?'

One of our favorite moments at least year's Oscars wasn't actually at the Oscars — it was the well-timed release of Jimmy Kimmel's send-up of the entire film industry, "Movie: The Movie." Packed with dozens of superstar cameos, the viral clip lampooned everything wrong with Hollywood to hilarious effect.

And now, for this year's Oscars, Kimmel has released the inevitable YouTube follow-up, "Movie: The Movie: 2V."

But can even a parody avoid the lame sequel curse?

The answer is no. Not that "Movie: The Movie: 2V" isn't funny, it's just not quite as funny as the original. But it's still jam packed with cool celebrity cameos, including a typically great bit from frequent Kimmel foil Matt Damon as well as a sequence featuring Channing Tatum firing beams of sexual energy out of his crotch. So it has that going for it.

Check it out. Because it may not be quite as great as the original, but it could be worse. After all, the third one will probably be directed by Brett Ratner.