'Identity Thief' Tops 'Snitch' at Box Office, World Yawns

[caption id="attachment_149122" align="alignright" width="300"]Identity Thief Universal[/caption]

Movie fans stayed home in droves this weekend and the result was a surprise win for the Melissa McCarthy comedy "Identity Thief," which according to Film.com returned to the top of the box office in its third week of release with an estimated total of $14.1 million.

That was enough to hold off the disappointing new Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson action flick "Snitch," which debuted in second place with only $13 million. Looks like someone won't be doing the pec pop of love this week.

Still, "Snitch" did significantly better than fellow new release "Dark Skies," as the Keri Russell horror film brought in just $8.9 million for a sixth place debut. For the rest of the box office top ten, including numbers for last week's champ "A Good Day to Die Hard," head to Film.com.