Link Riot: Oscars 2013 - The Final Predictions

Silver Linings Playbook

• Here's what will (probably) go down at the 85th Annual Academy Awards. []

• 10 stars who have misplaced their Oscars. Sheesh, it's not like it's your car keys, people. [Mental Floss]

• 7 discontinued Oscars categories. Bring back Best Dance Direction, at least a little! [The Week]

• Then and Now: Oscar nominees for Best Actor and Best Actress. Can you tell who's who? [BuzzFeed]

• Play The Frisky's Oscars drinking game. And be on the lookout for that cut to Ben Affleck when Best Director is announced. [The Frisky]

• And don't forget to eat, too! Here are some memorable food scenes from this year's Oscar nominees. [PopSugar]

• Here are some chocolate Oscars statues that no one in L.A. will likely eat. [HyperVocal]

• Actually, you know what? The Oscars aren't as important as you think. [FilmDrunk]

• The 25 worst performances by good actors. We're looking at you (a couple of times), Johnny Depp. [Complex]

• Beware the "Dark Skies" with these nightmare-inducing movie aliens. [Moviefone]

• 20 Hollywood sequels that are better than the original. Some of these may surprise you, McFly. [Death and Taxes]

• Aspiring Jedi Knights: Have you taken a lightsaber class yet? [ScreenCrush]