Questions and Answers With Jon Bernthal

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The last time you saw Jon Bernthal, he was probably hunting a zombie. In the new movie "Snitch," however, the "The Walking Dead" star is hunting for justice alongside Dwayne Johnson (known to most as The Rock). Johnson portrays a man who won't stop at any means to free his son, unjustly imprisoned on drug charges, and Bernthal is one of the many he meets along the way. 

NextMovie caught up with Bernthal ahead of "Snitch"'s release to ask a few questions about breaking promises, being intimidated by The Rock and which action movie heroes would win in a fight.

In a tweet-length or less, how would you get people to go see "Snitch"?

I'm such a monkey. I don't tweet. And Dwayne [Johnson]'s always ripping me apart because I don't do it, and I promised him by the time this movie comes out that I would. So I've never tweeted, but I would say, oh man... "It's about a father going to, by all means necessary, doing whatever he can to get his son out of prison."

So you're a promise-breaker. You broke your Twitter promise. What's that like?

I know, I know.

Did The Rock intimidate you?

He's a sweet and gracious guy, and as humble a guy as it gets. I've got nothing but respect for him . You know, he's somebody who, I think people are used to him being in these big action movies and beating everyone up and shooting everybody, and that's not what he's doing in this. He's playing a real father, it's based on a real guy who's really going through something emotionally. I think people are going to see that and they'll really respect that he's trying to do this.

We're asking everyone to snitch on their co-stars, since..."Snitch." What's one thing about The Rock that you think people would be surprised to hear?

He eats his food with a giant spoon, like a giant spoon. I do the same thing too. I wish I had something more interesting, but that's what I've got.

You've worked with The Rock, Rocky and Raging Bull. Who do you think would win in a fight?

I think Dwayne would win in a fight. I think Dwayne could beat both of them together in a fight, yeah.

You're also on "The Walking Dead." Do you have a strategy for a zombie apocalypse?

I think I would just get my family and get the heck out of there. Everybody asks me that, and I don't know what to say!

Do you think that you would fare well?

I think that since I know a few things about being quiet and things like that, you know, instead of always blasting people with your shotgun, which is a stupid move, you know, in retrospect. Smashing people with a blunt object seems to be a way better move. And I'd incorporate dogs, I don't know why people don't use dogs.

What would your porn star name be?

Sophie Carlin. Good god. Good lord.