Puppies Take a Bite Out of This Year's Best Picture Race

This year's Oscars race for Best Picture is a toughie, but thanks to all that Academy snubbage in the Best Director department, Ben Affleck's "Argo" has been getting a substantial amount of buzz ... and these puppies totally agree.

Jimmy Fallon brought his "Late Night" Best Picture prediction pups back to redeem themselves after screwing the pooch last year — the little furballs plucked "The Tree of Life" for the win but wound up shamed by the runaway success of "The Artist" — and they found "Argo" to be the tastiest dish of the nine.

It does make sense, in a way, since the name of the flick does kinda sound like some sort of off-brand dog chow.

Even so, litter number number two may have gotten this one right, since "Argo" is largely considered the frontrunner for the prize after earning wins at the Golden Globes, Critics Choice Awards, SAGs and every other acronymic awards show known to Hollywood.

To be fair, voters might just be playing along to see how much more — as Oscars host Seth McFarlane might say — "charmingly befuddled" Affleck can present himself to be on-stage with each win, but still, he's rackin' up those trophies this season for one reason or the other.

Just a little somethin' to chew on before the big day!

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