The Oscars Best Pictures Are a Mixed Bag


So, you've seen "Argo." You've seen "Lincoln." You've seen "Les Miserables." Notice anything? Probably not. Why would you? The good news is that Vulture has taken on the task of pointing out that this year's crop of Best Picture nominees carry some heft with them, having borrowed elements from some other favorite flicks.

One look at these comprehensive pie charts should, as much as you were blown away by "Life of Pi," it may have been conceptualized by the people behind Fruitopia. And, yes, "Argo" may have very well contained disguised commentary on how air travel sucks now. And, of course, "Les Miz"  is totally "Newsies". It just is.

Compare your pie charts, learn something new, and go into Sunday's Oscars telecast with the upper hand. No guarantees on you winning bets, but you'll certainly be the life of the party when you make a "Homeland" joke about "Zero Dark Thirty."


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