Link Riot: Oscar Nominees and Their Animal Doppelgangers

Tommy Lee Jones

• The resemblances are uncanny. And often furry. [BuzzFeed]

• Comedy is easy; hosting the Academy Awards is hard. Here are the best and worst Oscar Hosts. []

• Some fans got to it first — behold VII screenshots of a sweded "Star Wars: Episode VII" from 1991. Hordak makes a cameo! [Death and Taxes]

• Way Back When: A look at the early career of Oscar nominee Daniel Day-Lewis, star of "Artemis 81" and "Gandhi." [ScreenCrush]

• Oscar One-Hit Wonders: 10 Academy Award winners who dropped off the map. [Moviefone]

• Better to drop off the map than not to have ever been there at all! 6 non-existent people who were nominated for Oscars. [Mental Floss]

• Hugh Jackman knows that if one is to defeat "Lincoln," one must become "Lincoln." [Hollywire]

• Oscars By the Numbers: Which nominees are hot and not. Guess which applies to Jennifer Lawrence. [Movieline]

• Happy Birthday, Drew Barrymore! Watch her go from a little girl to all grown up, like magic! [BuzzSugar]

• Relax, the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie will be coming soon enough. Ha ha! Get it? Yeesh ... [Hypable]

• Leonardo DiCaprio drinks up for a Japanese Jim Beam commercial. [Vulture]