The Snow White Dress From 1989's Oscars? A Dead Guy Is Wearing It In His Coffin


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The opening of the 61st annual Academy Awards in 1989 was a train wreck, to be polite. It was 15 minutes of dumpster fire disguised as a cheery dance number featuring an actress playing Snow White and Rob Lowe (as himself, bizarrely). Needless to say, it's an incident that the Academy and those who run the Oscars would like to forget.

Thankfully, however, there has emerged one silver lining, a hilarious detail that falls squarely under the category of "How the hell did we not know about this for 24 years?," as brought to us by The Hollywood Reporter: According to Snow White herself, Eileen Bowman, the Snow White dress was purchased after the show for $23,000. By a man. Who chose to be buried in it.

That's right. The dress from a night that Hollywood folk only speak of in hushed tones sold for five figures, to a guy who was buying it for himself, in order to eventually be buried in it forever.

Now we can only wish we were at that wake. "The deceased's family has chosen to have a closed-casket ceremony, because the dearly departed is dressed as Snow White from the 1989 Oscars. Please remember to sign the guestbook."

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