LEGO Builds 'Iron Man 3' Plot Out Of Interlocking Spoilers


Once upon a time, all you had to do to avoid spoilers was simply not talk to people who had already seen the movie. Then the internet came along and paparazzi crawled out of the ground and bloggers began trying to one up each other and suddenly you couldn't even go to the bathroom without accidentally learning the plot point of some upcoming blockbuster.

And now even your toys are trying to spoil things for you, as Empire is reporting that the latest releases from LEGO totally give away half the plot of "Iron Man 3."

Our toys. At long last, is nothing truly sacred any more?

Of course, it will still take a slight bit of detective work to put all the pieces together on this one (totally terrible LEGO pun absolutely intended). But LEGO is providing all the clues you need to figure out the main thrust of "Iron Man 3" thanks to new playsets called "Extremis Sea Port Battle," "Malibu Mansion Attack" and "Iron Man Vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown."

And then there are the actual toys themselves, which include a figure for Guy Pearce's character, Aldrich Killian, who appears to have succumbed to his own extremis techno-virus. And there are also multiple War Machine figures, including both the classic silver and black model and the new, red-white-and-blue Iron Patriot version.

All of which adds up to one thing: Our toys now know more about movies than we do. And that begs the question — are we playing with them, or are our toys actually playing with us?

Only LEGO knows for sure.