Beyonce Goes to Hogwarts

Harry Potter or Beyoncé? That's basically us asking you to go all King Solomon on us, isn't it? It's an impossible choice to make: whiz kid wizard vs. Destiny's number one Child.

Luckily, Nebraskan songbird Mandy Maynard has combined the two, mashing up B's ground-stomping ballad, "Halo," with the story of The Boy Who Lived to make the most amazing Harry Potter parody we've heard to date. "Hallows" is basically what you'd get if Weird Al was a really pretty blonde chick in wire-rimmed glasses with a scar on her forehead. So, basically, not Weird Al at all.

While we're at it, we'd like to put it out there that if our other favorite Mandy (Ms. Moore, that is) feels like returning to music anytime soon, we'd be game. And, yes, we realize she's a Serious Actress now, but even a Mandy Moore Funny or Die original wouldn't hurt, maybe one about "The Hobbit"?