John Williams Wants to Score Another 'Star Wars' Gig

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Hollywood has a pecking order an operating system all its own, which seems to be rooted in the old adage: If it ain't broke, why fix it? That's why we're not the least bit surprised to hear that the iconic composer, John Williams, may be back in the conductor's chair (or the computer lab—we're not sure where those guys work these days) for the next "Star Wars" trilogy. At least, it sounds like he's throwing his hat in the ring, SlashFilm reports.

Williams' score for the original film remains, arguably, one of the best-loved soundtracks of all time, and he composed the music for all six previous "Star Wars" movies. In other words, he's got a pretty solid track record.

Throw in the rumors that Harrison Ford might reprise his role as Han Solo and we might have an A-list reunion on our hands.

So… everyone's thrilled, right? Almost.

Michael Giacchino, who has scored all four of "Episode VII" director J.J. Abrams' features to date—as well as his TV hits "Lost" and "Alias"—is probably not so jazzed to hear of Williams' possible return. If Williams weren't in the running, Giacchino would be the obvious choice to bring music to this next installment, but with Williams hovering around, Abrams' favorite might be left out in the cold. Only time will tell who the powers-that-be tap for this post, but if we were gambling men (which we aren't), we'd put our money on Williams.