Leonardo DiCaprio Pimps Bubble Yum in Vintage Commercial

The internet is a magical, magical land, and here's why: There is literally always one guy out there cruising the web-o-sphere who unearths some bit of amazing minutia s/he caught (and saved, for some unknowable reason) on VHS long, long ago and gets a wild hair in to share it with the world.

Exhibit A: Leonardo DiCaprio's twenty-five-year-old Bubble Yum commercial has re-surfaced after a near quarter century of restful bliss, and it's absolutely amazing (actually, it's been on YouTube for years, but our pals at Buzzfeed reawakened the gloriously fruity beast).

While 1988 was an awkward year for us all, young Leo had that Teen Bop-ish persona on lock-down from the get-go. Also, someone shoot this over to science because he's clearly uncovered some mystical anti-aging medicine our society's so desperately searching for.

Even still, that hair was a sight alright, and even an eventual three-time Oscar nominee would have trouble selling the idea that a "loud-thumpin', tune-pumpin' boombox" is somehow related to the size and shape of gum bubbles. Amazingly, though, it's no more ridiculous than DiCaprio's new Jim Beam commercial in which he snap-shatters an ironically bubble-shaped chunk of ice. Full circle, ya might say.