This 'Back to the Future' Hoverboard eBay Listing Is Totally Shredding!

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Every time we watch the "Back to the Future" trilogy, we have just one reaction: When are we going to be able to buy those cool hover skateboards? You know what we mean: In "Back to the Future Part II," Marty and the gang travel to the year 2015 and all the kids are floating around on hoverboards, totally shredding. And yet, here we are, just two years away, and there's still no sign of hoverboards anywhere.

Until today, that is, because thanks to the magic of eBay, you can buy your very own official "Back to the Future" hoveboard right now.

Of course, there are a couple of caveats. First of all, the hoverboard in question does not, technically speaking, actually hover. That's because it's actually an authentic prop made for use in the film not by Michael J. Fox's Marty McFly, but rather by Griff Tannen, son of sinister doofus Biff Tannen (both of whom were played by underrated comedian Thomas F. Wilson).

Also, it should probably be noted that this hoverboard, which features a gnarly "Pit Bull" design, didn't actually appear in the film. Rather, it's a prototype made by the prop department during the design stage of production for "Back to the Future II." And, oh yeah, the people selling it are currently asking for just short of $13,000.

Thirteen large for a non-functioning prop that didn't even appear in the movie?

No offense to Doc Brown, but we have to say that living in the future actually kind of sucks.