'Fast & Furious 6' Full Trailer: Now with More Tanks!

It's been nearly two weeks now, but all of America is still buzzing over the amazing show they saw during the Super Bowl. We're not talking about the game itself, of course — don't be silly — but rather the absolutely crazy teaser for "Fast & Furious 6." It was awesomely nuts.

And now it turns out that was just the appetizer, because the first full-length trailer has just hit the internet and it is guaranteed to totally blow your mind.

In fact, this extended look at "Fast & Furious 6" is almost too extended, as it comes perilously close to giving away the entire plot of the film. Which, believe it or not, does involve more than just cars battling airplanes while getting run over by tanks. Though that's in there too.

But there's also a story about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's federal agent guy going to Vin Diesel's car-racing crook to get help stopping a team of international car terrorists from car-terrorizing the world. And since one of those car terrorists is former car moll Michelle Rodriguez, it's safe to say that this time, the car violence is personal.

But if you don't mind being slightly spoiled — and having your brain melted by vicious car-on-car action — then check out this new trailer, courtesy of The Guardian. And trust us: This film is, in fact, both "Fast & Furious."