Infographic: Every Tarantino Movie Death, and How They Died


Hey, have you ever noticed that there are a ton of people killed in every Quentin Tarantino movie? You have? Us, too. It would be interesting if someone took the time to sit through every one of his films and not only count the number of dead people, but tell us how they all died. If a cool graphic was made about it, all the better.

Vanity Fair, you shouldn't have! You really probably shouldn't have, you usually have more pretentious things to do. Nonetheless, the above graphic features a comprehensive breakdown of all the murders in every Tarantino film, from scalpings to samurai sword attacks (34 members of the Crazy 88 lived to tell tales about the Bride?) to the five point exploding heart technique (poor Bill). And burning Nazis! All 340 burning Nazis.

The above graphic is best enjoyed with a Red Apple cigarette and perhaps a Neil Diamond cover or two.