Link Riot: The 50 Steamiest Movie Kisses

The Notebook

• Who doesn't want a "long, slow, deep, soft wet kiss that lasts three days" on Valentine's Day? [Moviefone]

• Hollywood Valentines: The 21 most awww-some romantic gestures in movies. Yes, Lloyd Dobler and his boom box are mentioned. [Hollywire]

• Will Ferrell is now a Los Angeles Lakers security guard named 'Ted Vagina.' Of course he is. [Hypervocal]

• See who's presenting at the Oscars this year with this handy gallery. [BuzzSugar]

• Way Back When: A look back at the humble beginnings of Oscar nominee Naomi Watts, star of "Tank Girl" and "Children of the Corn: The Gathering." [ScreenCrush]

• Speaking of Oscar nominees, Christoph Waltz's promos for "Saturday Night Live" are highly enjoyable. [BuzzFeed]

• 9 reasons why "Hudson Hawk" is the best Bruce Willis movie ever made. []

• Daniel Radcliffe reveals he can't watch five of the "Harry Potter" movies. Can you guess which ones? [Hypable]

• Joseph Gordon-Levitt stops by "Sesame Street" to teach us about the word "reinforce." [Vulture]

• This woman covered herself in "Twilight" tattoos ... and you'll never guess why. [The Frisky]

• An important discussion about the 1996 film "Vibrations," starring Christina Applegate and James from "Twin Peaks." [FilmDrunk]