'Back to the Future''s Biff: Unplugged

If Michael J. Fox eclipsed your career by casting you as America's most nefarious bully in "Back to the Future," how would you handle that? You'd probably move to a small town and start a cupcake shop, and that's okay. But Tom Wilson, Biff himself, has turned lemons into hilarious lemonade by pursuing a career in art, music, and stand-up comedy. Not too shabby for an '80s icon.

Give the guy a guitar and a microphone, and he'll tell you, in song, everything you need to know: What's Michael J. Fox like? Do these hoverboards really fly? Is Crispin Glover a weirdo? Have you met Gary Busey? What's Michael J. Fox like? 

If you'd had told us that, one day, we'd be given a bad case of the LOLz from Biff, we'd have laughed you out of the room. But guess what? Now we're just laughing.