John Cusack Crunches the 'Numbers Station' in New Trailer

If you're over a certain age, chances are you love John Cusack. After all, in the '80s and '90s, the guy was pretty much solid gold. Since 2000's "High Fidelity," though, he's pretty much appeared in one pile of ass after another, so if you're under a certain age, you can be forgiven for wondering just what the big deal is with this guy.

And the new trailer for his upcoming film "The Numbers Station"? Well, it probably won't change that.

Courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, the new trailer features Cusack as a down-on-his-luck secret agent type who is given the usually boring task of protecting a civilian (Malin Akerman) whose job is to read numbers over the radio. Booooring.

Or at least, it's boring until some mystery attackers seize the station, steal the code numbers and try to murderize the free world. Then it's up to Cusack and Akerman to crack the numbers code and save everybody from, you know, whatever it is that may or may not be happening. It's all kind of hard to say.

"The Numbers Station" is slated to hit theaters on April 26. For Cusack's sake, we're sure hoping it turns out to be more interesting than this trailer. Because, seriously, this guy was really good once.