'Monsters University' Clip Brings Out the Squeals

Unlike most movie follow-ups, "Monsters University" takes its main characters James "Sulley" Sullivan (John Goodman) and Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) back a phase to show how they became the pair of lovably scary scamps we got to know in 2001's "Monsters, Inc."

As the title suggests, the story takes place at the college where the two first meet (lucky this is an animated world where they can easily age in reverse) and from the looks of this new clip, their initial encounter is just as festive and messy as one might expect.

John Goodman brought this sneak peek to "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on Monday night, suggesting that the prequel is in a nutshell just about a movie about the two cads "doin' some fraternity pranks," and it's clear that his cartoon counterpart Sulley is the biggest troublemaker on campus because he coaxes poor studious Mike into chasing a renegade monster piglet through their dorm room on their very first day.

"We were chasing a pig," Goodman laughed about the scene, "We were chasing a pig."

Too. Stinking. Cute.

"Monsters University" hits theaters on June 21, 2013.