It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's All the Faces of Superman for 75 Years!

Quick! What does Superman look like? Not a tough question, considering the caped crusader is an iconic American superhero whose noble good looks both in and out of character (hubba hubba, Clark Kent!) are unforgettable.

Steve Younis, the guy behind Superman Homepage, has cobbled together an extensive, illustrated poster that details the ever-changing evolution of Superman's "looks" since Joe Shuster created him 75 years ago. To be fair, not much has changed: he's all deep, soulful eyes, jet black hair with a hue of blue and a dangling wisp, and a jawline so pronounced, it could cut like a knife.

The one thing to never change, though? That beloved cape that lets Superman fly through the air. Oh yeah, and, also, that whole "It's a bird, its's a plane!" thing. Will they ever learn it's the friggin' Man of Steel?