Here's a Supercut of People Crying in Movies

Happy Monday! It was a fun weekend, right? And now here you are, back in your cubicle, not quite ready to take on another week. Your body aches. You'd like to cry.

Take heart, friend, for you are not alone. Perhaps you'd like to indulge in this supercut of people crying in movies, embedded above, scored by Kim Jong Il's "So Ronery" from "Team America"? Here, let's watch it together:

  • 0:04 - Pat Morita's crying. You frown at your desk. Don't cry, Pat!
  • 0:22 - Ron Burgundy wails inside a San Diego telephone booth. A much-needed light moment to prepare for the next couple of minutes.
  • 0:50 - Oh God. Don't cry at your desk. You're at work. Come on.
  • 0:57 - (Pause for a second. Couple deep breaths.)
  • 1:31 - Ugh, that infamous shot right up the nose of the girl from "Blair Witch Project." Now you're just grossed out.
  • 2:18 - Well, that didn't make you feel better at all. Worse, it's only been two minutes.

No, we don't have a supercut of people laughing in movies. You brought this on yourself.