'Finding Nemo' Winter Storm Meme is Touching All Your Butts

As you may have heard, a Cthulhu-sized winter storm is about to beat the east coast into submission with its icy tentacles. What does The Weather Channel name a storm of this magnitude? "Winter Storm Wendigo?" "Winter Storm Beelzebub?" How about something really scary like "Winter Storm Dahmer?"

Nope. "Nemo." Like the tiny, disabled cartoon fish.

Since Winter Storm Nemo is about to leave most of New England in a new ice age, foraging for acorns like in that other animated movie, we might as well have a little fin… er, fun with it.

A new meme has arose from good ol' internet, and here are some of the funniest appropriations of the Disney/Pixar character. Enjoy them before the Mouse House sues half the people who posted these.