Melissa McCarthy and Ellen Page to Hit the Road for Directorial Debuts

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Two more Hollywood ladies are ready to take their turns behind the camera, Mr. DeMille.

Both the oh-so-hilarious Melissa McCarthy and little Ellen Page have now signed up for their directorial debuts, and while their projects (and, uh, personalities) are pretty distinct, they do have one thing in common: trippin'!

No, we're not talking about a pair of LSD bender flicks here. Instead, both women's films involve their female protagonists leaving the homestead to discover a little somethin' somethin' about themselves.

McCarthy and her hubby Ben Falcone — you may remember him as Not Air Marshall John from "Bridesmaids" — co-wrote and will direct "Tammy," a script about a fast food workwoman whose french fry-slingin' life is in shambles, so she takes her sweet old potty-mouthed grandma out to Mount Rushmore. The movie was reportedly kicked around by a few other directors before ultimately landing right back at home with its originators. McCarthy will star as, you guessed it, Tammy.

Meanwhile, Ellen Page is reportedly tackling a script by Julia Hart called "Miss Stevens," about a high school teacher who takes her students out to a drama competition and gets some life lessons to the face, somehow. Tackling the also titular role for that film will be Anna Faris.

Chicks makin' flicks. We like it.