Kristen Stewart Tries on Fetish Flick 'The Big Shoe'

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For Kristen Stewart, there's definitely life after "Twilight" ... and it's hot!

Deadline reports that K.Stew will be getting kinky with it as she's signed on to star in "The Big Shoe," a fetish film that's sure to get one half of the audience all hot and bothered whilst totally creeping out the other.

"The Big Shoe" stars Jim Sturgess as a talented shoe designer who breaks ties with a family that wants to turn his work into mass-produced knock-offs (cue this song). In an attempt to lure him back into the fold, the family hires a psychotherapist named Mary Kay (Elizabeth Banks) and a muse named Delphi (K.Stew), and, well ... things will probably get very interesting from there.

"The Big Shoe" is set to be directed by Steven Shainberg, who co-wrote the script with Mickey Birnbaum. Shainberg is certainly no stranger to the world of sexy subversion, having written the amazing "Secretary," which chronicled the strange and steamy relationship between an executive (James Spader) and his assistant (Maggie Gyllenhaal).

News of the casting of Stewart and Banks comes out of the Berlin Film Festival, which opened today and will run through Feb. 17. K.Stew is currently in pre-production on the con game drama, "Focus," which still hasn't found its leading man after Ben Affleck turned it down.