Lizzy Caplan Sometimes, Like, Thinks in French

Yes, yes, yes. Please watch this now.

While Lizzy Caplan has proven she is more than capable of handling dramatic roles, the lady's also made quite a name for herself in the world of comedy thanks to her uncanny ability to deadpan like no other.

Not to mention, the "Save the Date" star has also got a pretty gnarly little sense of humor. She once told us, "I find humiliation, humiliation movies, humiliation television shows and just people humiliating themselves in real life completely hilarious." Hear hear!

So, in this new faux docushort, Caplan uses that very wit to tackle everything that's wrong with artsy fartsy pretension in the fashion advertisement business in one fell swoop, quipping lines like "Sometimes I think to myself in French, and listen to old records from the '60s. They are way better than stuff from today" and "I just make my art ... collage, performance."

Sadly, this brings to mind any number of commercials - we're looking at you, Brad Pitt - which took themselves this stinking seriously and which were thus unintentionally hysterical and embarrassing.

Arguably the best part of this whole thing is the titles on the various props Caplan picks up to illustrate her oh-so-refined sense of self (just pause whenever tangibles come on the screen and enjoy). As Pitt himself might say, "fair play, fair play."

Lizzy Caplan, keep doing what you're doing, girl.