Jimmy Kimmel Looks a Lot Like Melissa McCarthy, No?

It's been a rough few weeks for Jimmy Kimmel. Sure, his move to 11:30 is a big deal in late-night, but bear in mind it didn't come without Matt Damon hijacking the whole damn show. And now, in a move straight out of her upcoming flick, "Identity Theft," Melissa McCarthy has proven that life imitates art when she steals Kimmel's identity and makes it all her own.

The "Bridesmaids" breakout and Oscar nominee slapped on a suit, tie, and wig to remind us that Jimmy Kimmel is TOTALLY REPLACABLE. Okay, sure, it's for a sketch-within-the-show, but -- no offense, Jimmy -- this is something we could watch every night. No, really, give this gal a show! (Oh, she has one? And it's called "Mike & Molly"? Okay, great we'll check that out.)

P.S. Is it fair to say that Melissa McCarthy wears a suit extraordinarily well? Because she looks like she could play the lead in "Guys & Dolls", and we'd have front row tickets. Just sayin'.