Now You Can Actually Own A Hobbit Home, If You Want

[caption id="attachment_157948" align="alignleft" width="300"]The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Warner Bros.[/caption]

Feeling like your current home is a little too big for you? Tired of the drabness of high ceilings? Ever watched a hobbit walk out his front door and think to yourself, "Man, that guy's hobbit's got it made."?

Then do we have news for you! Per the gang over at Uproxx, a company in Maine called "Wooden Wonders" will build you your very own hobbit house for as little as $4,000. Chump change when you consider that Bilbo's home reportedly cost $3.4 million.

The hobbit houses can be used to store something as ordinary as a lawnmower, or, if you're feeling it, as precciiiooousss as, well, you. And if you want to just full-fledged go for it, it can even be embedded into the ground for an additional fee! If you're going to buy a hobbit house, you may as well make the experience as authentic as possible, right?

No word yet on whether or not the hobbit house comes with free divorce paperwork at the time of purchase.