Ryan Gosling Shows Relationship Commitment By Hiring Eva Mendes for His Movie

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Forget engagement rings and all that noise (unless there's a "Back to the Future" theme involved, 'cause of course). Ryan Gosling's got his own style of showing commitment: casting his girl in his latest movie.

The Gos has now selected his main squeeze Eva Mendes to star in his first directorial effort "How to Catch a Monster."

As confirmed by Bloody Disgusting, Mendes' beau has brought her on board his spooky mindtrip movie, which he also wrote, as a character called Cat who runs the Big Bad Wolf Club.

The story is set in the nightmarish hellscape that is life for Billy, a single mother in a vanishing city, who gets sucked into a "surreal" underworld while her son "discovers a secret road leading to an underwater town."

We picture the casting couch process went a little something like this: "Hey girl, movies last forever so will you be in mine?"

But seriously, how does that work? Did she do a formal audition? We're guessing no. He's probably seen plenty enough to know what she's capable of - they did recently work together on the set of "The Place Beyond the Pines" and that little drunk holiday history spoof for Funny or Die, after all.

At any rate, Gosling has also cast Rob Zabrecky as a cab driver in the flick, and Gos' "Drive" co-star Christina Hendricks and "Pines" co-star Ben Mendelsohn are also attached to star.

Production is slated for May of this year.