How Many Banes Does it Take To Blackout a Super Bowl?

On Super Bowl Sunday a 34-minute power failure cast a pallor of darkness over the big game, and though many valid conspiracy theories exist (voodoo priests avenging Katrina, concerted effort to bombard viewers with ads, etc) only one man could be the cause of it all: BANE!

In desperate search for his Adult Asthma Inhaler lost somewhere among the bleachers, the masked "Dark Knight Rises" bad guy announced his act of sports terrorism via, well, a few too many outlets, and Buzzfeed has the proof.

Apparently at least four separate videos sprang up of skinny dudes doing the goofy Bane voice and claiming this act of villainy as their own, which is simply a case of a very obvious joke making the rounds. The combination of Bane and football stadium calamity, as in last summer's blockbuster, was too good to pass up.

The College Humor piece above has the best Tom Hardy impression. Here's another Bane, courtesy of Funny or Die:

You can see the other two at Buzzfeed! The fire rises indeed.