Link Riot: Ricky Gervais Is a Muppet of a Man

The Muppets ... Again!

• Ricky Gervais hangs out with his "The Muppets ... Again!" co-stars. [Facebook]

• 11 "Star Wars" characters who deserve their own spin-off movie. Hooray, Admiral Ackbar! [BuzzFeed]

• Retrospective: The films of "Side Effects" director and semi-retiree Steven Soderbergh. [The Playlist]

• A YouTube history of "Argo" director Ben Affleck, who took home every award but the Oscar. [Vulture]

• Here's why Robert De Niro can win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. [Moviefone]

• A look back on the early days of Oscar nominee Amy Adams. You remember "Psycho Beach Party," right? [ScreenCrush]

• The 10 Sundance movies most likely to be next year's Oscar nominees. []

• Have you been targeted for abduction? Check your status in the "Dark Skies" by creating your own Terrestrial ID. []

• An anonymous writer lets loose on the state of troubled FX company Rhythm and Hues. [The Wrap]

• Could TRON go off the grid and appear in the "Wreck-It Ralph" sequel? [SlashFilm]

• Here's the story behind that Richard Nixon/RoboCop photo. Wait, what? [Mental Floss]

• Celebrate "Alien" designer H.R. Giger's 73rd birthday this week with a Xenomorph dubstep. [Death and Taxes]

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