Marty McFly Is a Super Man in This 'Back to the Man of Steel' Mashup

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ...Marty McFly?

This epic mashup of "Back to the Future" and the upcoming Superman blockbuster "Man of Steel" asks what would happen if the golden boy of the '80s swapped his flying hoverboard for, well, whatever Superman uses to fly.

The official description for the mashup reads: "Marty McFly is from the future. His destiny has always been to travel back through time and help his father meet his mother... but will he realize it. Can Marty McFly find the super man inside himself?"

It's fair to say that, as pumped as we are to watch Henry Cavill take to the sky as the Man of Steel, there is nothing more delicious than the prospect of watching Christopher "Doc Brown" Lloyd train Michael J. Fox in the art of cloud-jumping. Or whatever it is that Doc Brown would try and teach Superman. In fact, can we make that movie?