Supercut: Watch a Whole Bunch of People Get Hit By Buses

Hey, do you know that wonderful feeling of elation when you simply cannot express how fantastic it is to…


Peel yourself off the asphalt, because you have twelve minutes of non-stop human squashitude to relish like the masochist you are, thanks to editor Harry Hanrahan's "Hit By a Bus* - The Supercut."

There's an asterisk next to the title because there's a couple car accidents, a truck and at least one tiny parking enforcement vehicle thrown in for good measure in scenes taken from the likes of "Mean Girls," some "Final Destination," etc.

While we're sure he probably forgot a few (there's a particularly great one of Damian Lewis getting plowed into in "Dreamcatcher") you should consider this cliche supercut fairly extensive. After you watch enough of this human roadkill porn, you may find yourself asking, "Is that the same bus I just saw a minute ago?"


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