Go Inside Your Favorite Cyborgs (Anatomically Speaking)

Artist Josh Ln wants to know what's going on inside your favorite cyborgs. Well, okay, not necessarily the brains, but in his "Decommissioned" series on his Society6 page, Ln has created original art that details what the anatomy of these iconic characters looks like, piece by piece.

Printed on "natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using an advanced digital dry ink method to ensure vibrant image quality" (how fancy!), Ln takes a good, hard look at the "parts" of Terminator, C-3P0, Cyberman, and a Centurion. That's right, it's home decor that isn't just freaking awesome, but it also shows you what it would look like if you ripped the head right off of Robocop's body.

Just do us a favor: don't go all android on us and try to make life imitate art. These things are best left to the professionals, like Josh Ln. Or the guy whomever has the audacity to break the fingers off a Centurion.