Someone Mashed 'The Avengers' With 'The Breakfast Club' And It's Great

In the latest installment of "Anonymous People On The Internet Doing Fantastic Things With Their Spare Time," our wonderful friends at Buzzfeed stumbled upon a pairing as implausibly smooth as the school princess and the school bad boy: "The Avengers" and "The Breakfast Club."

Indeed, it's exactly what it sounds like: The Avengers trailer is shown with the Breakfast Club's trailer's narration over it, and for the most part, it fits like a glove. A fingerless glove defiantly holding a cigarette.

Sure, Ally Sheedy being the Incredible Hulk is a little bit mean, but we understand that concessions needed to be made. Plus, imagine if the Incredible Hulk played Ally Sheedy's character in "The Breakfast Club"? Emilio Estevez falling in love with the Incredible Hulk would have been revolutionary and far before its time. We're not about to call it a "missed opportunity," per se, just something to think about.

And if you're taking requests, anonymous Youtuber, we'll take "St. Elmo's Fire" over "The Dark Knight Rises" next, please. Thanks.