Your Favorite Zombies Play 'The Game of Life'

Until Milton Bradley creates "The Game of Undeath," zombies are just going to have to make do with "The Game of Life" as their go-to board game of choice.

Actually, this has us wondering whether R from "Warm Bodies," Bub from "Day of the Dead," the Cemetery Zombie from "Night of the Living Dead" and cinema's other famous undead-types indeed have the brains to truly strategize their way around the parlor game that simulates one's life path from college through retirement (and, in the case of these particular players, even further to death and beyond)?

This scenario might best be explored via a one-set web series, if any aspiring filmmakers are interested. For now, let's speculate with the below image, courtesy of NextMovie's own zombie-keeper, Max Evry.

The Game of Life with Zombies

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