No One Got to See Will Ferrell's Sexy Super Bowl Commercial

It's no secret that at least half of the fun of watching the Super Bowl is seeing the big-budget, blockbuster commercials between plays. But sometimes a genius really, really weird ad slips through the cracks. And by slips through the cracks, we mean it only airs in a few "select" markets. Like this Will Ferrell ad for Old Milwaukee beer.

The commercial, which manages to suck up an entire minute of airtime, features a nice Christian woman (as deduced by her cross necklace) woman on a bus. At first, she just stares longingly out the window—until she turns to a mustached Will Ferrell and beings making out. We're not talking some friendly kiss. This is a full on face-sucking session. The whole tryst is set to a distinct Chinese song, identified as "Mother, Where Are You?" Creepy.

For about two seconds the camera pans back to show the product being hawked… which is (apparently) Old Milwaukee beer… and then it's back to the junior-high-like make-out fest. Word on the street is that Ferrell doesn't even get paid to make these commercials, but he does get total creative freedom "to revive a brand."

Sadly, this gem only aired in Oklahoma, Texas and Montana. Happily, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you can check it out here, courtesy of YouTube. You're welcome.