Seth MacFarlane Mocks Bond's Bartending Skills

The phrase "shaken, not stirred" has become eternally synonymous with a clear image of James Bond in a sharp black tuxedo, hunched over a counter and giving some random barkeep a knowing order, all while keeping his third eye squarely locked on whoever the bad guy du jour happens to be. But is the distinction even necessary?

This year's Oscars host, Seth MacFarlane, doesn't seem to think so.

In this new promo vid for the 85th Annual Academy Awards, the "Family Guy" funnyman makes light of 007's serious spirits special by pointing out, "Yet no one has ever stirred a martini. That's not how you make a martini. Is this your first martini? This is your first martini, isn't it? Yeah, yeah you're gonna have fun."

Pierce Brosnan's "The World is Not Enough" Bond - no, MacFarlane apparently did not have the chutzpah to take a run at Daniel Craig for the vid, even though "Skyfall" is, um, more relevant here - was clearly not impressed by the correction, but we are. Bond's been a thing for fifty flippin' years, and we're just now noticing this? Head meet desk.

When announced as host for the golden affair, MacFarlane promised to do his "utmost" to live up to his predecessors. Considering we're still trying to erase the James Franco incident from memory, well, his reputation for clever schtick is definitely on the line here.

The Oscars will air on Feb. 24.