The Coolest Movie Geek Wedding Invites You'll Ever See

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Most betrothed couples opt for the soft lighting of botanical gardens at sunset or whatever other lush landscape backdrop'll give 'em the gag picture perfect-est engagement photos ever, but our hats go off to Abbie and her fun groom-to-be for using their fifteen minutes of pre-wedding fame to nerdily celebrate their favorite flick.

As chronicled over at When Geeks Wed, this Abbie and her unnamed fiancé put a lot of effort into tracking down the iconic Delorean driven by Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) in their 88 m.p.h. race to mastering time travel in the 1985 classic "Back to the Future."

"We wanted to somehow incorporate our love of the movies into our engagement shoot and our save the dates," Abbie said. "Unfortunately, neither one of us knew anyone with a Delorean handy or a flux capacitor." Luckily one Atlanta-based car collector in the business of setting up such things was able to lend a hand with that one and they found a photographer game for the task.

Challenge number two, of course, was piecing together the costuming. Badass that Abbie seems to be, she opted for the Doc look rather than Marty's love interest, Jennifer (Claudia Wells). "Since I’m currently in medical school, I thought it much more appropriate to dress up as Doc instead of Jennifer," she said. "I had loads of fun making my own feminized version of what I thought a girl Doc should wear — I felt equally nerdy and beautiful in my outfit for the shoot."

Unlike most Hollywood weddings, we have a feeling these rockin' geeks'll go the distance well into the future.