'World War Z' Meets Super Bowl XLVII

Sports fans, and football fans in general, enjoy using war metaphors to describe the action. But this year, the Super Bowl is going to take things to new heights thanks to the release of the first television teaser for Brad Pitt's upcoming zombie epic "World War Z."

Forget sacking the quarterback — how about eating his brain instead?

Not that these zombies really resemble the classic, shuffling, brain-munching variety of lore. Instead, as this clip from Apple Trailers shows, the zombies of "World War Z" are fast, disease-ridden weirdos that apparently double as living Lego pieces based on their amazing ability to build human ladders out of themselves. They're like the Voltron of zombies.

Luckily, Pitt is on hand to help conduct a game of zombie Jenga. However, as this clip makes clear, his focus is on saving his family first and saving humanity second.

So check it out and then get ready for the big game. But if you're hosting a party, just remember: This year, the snack of choice ain't Doritos — it's frontal lobes.