February Movie Math: It All Adds Up to What You Want to See

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Your mother always told you that math would be important someday, and we're here to validate her. Call it better living through arithmetic, but we believe simple math can help you decide which new movies coming out in February are for you.

Oh, and did we mention there are no actual numbers involved? It's like "Moneyball," but for movie-loving dummies.

So if you'd like a glimpse at what the cinema can offer you on this most romantic of months, read on for your latest lesson in Movie Math.

February 1

"Bullet to the Head"

Sly's back!

"The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts in Georgia"

More ghosts, more Southern accents.

"Warm Bodies"

OK, so it's an undead romance...

February 8

"A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III"

We've got nothing, sorry.

"Identity Thief"

Yeah, we can see how you'd get these two confused.

"Side Effects"

Um, no thanks, Doc. I won't be needing those pills.

"Top Gun"

But really. Nothing.

February 13

"A Good Day to Die Hard"

Second verse, same as the first (and third and fourth)...in Russia, this time!

February 14

"Beautiful Creatures"

Stop me if you've heard this one before...

"Safe Haven"

Nicholas Sparks, you've done it again!

February 22

"Dark Skies"

Hey! It's Felicity!


Wait, Snatch? No, no, the other one.

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