Paul Rudd & Seth Rogen Kick Off 'El Plato Supreme' Early

The Super Bowl is fast approaching and for many fans, that means just one thing: A bunch of awesome new TV commercials featuring their favorite film stars. But why wait until Sunday night when you can check out the hottest new Super Bowl ad right now?

It's the new Samsung campaign featuring Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen. And since this is for the Super Bowl, they've got some pretty big ideas. Just one problem: The term "Super Bowl" is trademarked, as are the names of the teams involved. So what do you do?

"El Plato Supreme," that's what. Check out Rudd and Rogen (along with the great Bob Odenkirk!) in this clip, then head over to MTV News for all the latest Super Bowl coverage.

When something is this big, even corporate lawyers can't keep a real fan down.