Zachary Quinto Wants To Know If You Care About Spock

Billy Eichner hosts "Billy on the Street," a gem of a television program on and on the Fuse Network every Friday.   He recently hosted Star Trek's Zachary Quinto for a delightful game called "It's Spock! Do You Care?," in which Eichner runs around Manhattan with Quinto and asks unsuspecting Manhattanites if they care that the guy who plays Spock is right next to them.

And though we at NextMovie might trip over ourselves to wax philosophical with the Star Trek star, it turns out most New Yorkers wouldn't, necessarily, with a few exceptions. In fact, most of the people in this video are just horrified.

That's a shame, because Quinto and others will be starring in "Star Trek: Into Darkness" in May and we'd imagine he has a lot to say about it. We care, Zach. WE CARE!